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I think beyond our present.

I probably won’t get there, but I suspect many others will.

Perspective and prepositions.

We look from the past, with the present, towards the future.

It has always been possible.

Every day you move into the future, all the while fantasizing that time travel is not yet possible.

The window onto the future.

Sometimes an insect bangs frantically against the edge of an open window.

Flashing forward and back again.

She caught a glimpse of the future moment when she would remember this happiness as the past.

The shape of time.

Past and future do not meet present “head-on,” but rather loop into it at acute and oblique angles.

For better or worse.

The appeal of psychics is the strange comfort to be found in the idea of a preordained future.


Taking responsibility for a future and past state of affairs for which we previously had no responsibility.

Just a moment.

The present vanishes between the nostalgia for the past and progress for the future.

We throw ourselves into the future.

Our anxiety stems from having hazy intentions coupled with poor aim.