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Peterson versus Zizek according to Suzuki.

Psychoanalysis is a philosophy. Philosophy is a game that nobody wins.

The most dangerous game.

Politics is all fun and games until somebody gets killed.  

Sure, it’s all a game.

How joyless, though, when all games are strategic.

You drag me into a game.

Don’t be surprised if you make all my moves.

She has no game.

This hasn’t stopped her from trying to play you.

Why be a player?

I am already a gamer.

You can’t win them all.

You can’t lose them all either.

Numbers game.

One who says “one, but not one” is saying “two, but not two” too.

What’s the score?

Explaining to everyone why I don’t care about love is like explaining to fanatics why I don’t follow their game.

A mildly subversive suggestion.

Appear to play their game while subtly changing its name and adjusting its aim.