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I am a straight, male, middle-class, Taiwanese American.

I have liberal democratic “instincts” coming from at least four and probably more sources. 

An empirical difference.

A coffee shop full of isolated men on laptops is a suggestion that men more than women cannot stand being home alone.

Intersectional implications.

Every axis of social formation can move in at least two directions (oppressor and oppressed), where it crosses at least one other axis (e.g. gendered race, raced gender).

Don’t read “the classics” in terms of identity.

If they spewed idiocies about race, nation, gender, and sexuality, who knows what else they could be wrong about?

A minor agreement in a major disagreement.

Democracy and Science agree that scholars need not be gentlemen or men of any sort.

Contemplation of the beautiful.

Designers who only have sex with men keep a disinterested interest in female beauty.


Rhetoric, gender, economics, and ethnicity can escape dualism. Philosophy, sexuality, politics, and race cannot.

Hegemony presupposes consent.

Online dating statistics clearly demonstrate that it is the free choice of any woman regardless of race to date white men.

Engendering MMA.

“Men” always attempt to mount, then ground-and-pound. “Women” have a dozen ways to submit their opponents off their backs.

Desire always “happens to be.”

Is there colorblind love? Okay then—how about gender-blind?