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A genius is a thinker who is only 50% full of shit.

“Non-traditional” academics.

It is unwise to demonstrate genius when only competence is called for. It is unjust to demand genius where only competence is called for.

Humility, modesty, vanity.

Wit, and even genius, is no compensation for what one lacks in modesty.

Adolescence, maturity.

Musical and athletic genius for the young; philosophical and poetic genius for the old.


Hitting targets that others can’t see is genius; hitting targets that others won’t recognize is madness.

“Genius” is not especially sensitive to pain.

For example, great artists are clear-headed—one might even say more reasonable—about the pains that strike just about everyone.


Frankly, I don’t understand nine-tenths of what he says. Yet the one-tenth I do understand has me convinced he’s a genius.

Pure genius.

Anderson Silva is like the Andy Kaufmann of mixed martial arts.


A genius who can only be understood by other geniuses is not half as ingenious as they might think.

Genius without signs.

It is easier to imagine that you lack the discipline to write than to accept that you have nothing to say.