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Beef with broccoli, yoga at the gym, etc.

Waves of globalization pull practices underwater and cast them on distant shores, that is, after they have been corroded and transmuted by deep sea pressures.

There are global cities.

There are not yet global citizens.

Knowledge of the other.

Globalized media has made our stereotypes more fine-lined, yet more fixed than ever.

Modernity = alienation.

Alienation is equally “alien” to western and eastern, northern and southern societies.

Dear New York Times, decenter yourself.

Love, Al Jazeera, Xin Hua, and the BBC news.

The meaning of globalization.

One society, polity, language, and identity will no longer be enough.

Globalized irony.

A traditional son bought a big American house that could accommodate his parents as well as his wife and kids. His parents opted to move back to Taiwan and lived in a retirement community instead.