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Who are “the people”?

The masses are mediocre; the multitudes are great.

What was intellectual history?

Among the many reasons for calling a book “great,” the worst is that we believe that the book is still “useful.”

Great fiction.

You couldn’t make this shit up, though this author could.

Victory as defeat.

The greatness of this thinker has been recognized. Everyone repeats their phrases without the slightest thought as to their meaning.

Great writers are always great thinkers.

What a shame, though, that great thinkers are often terrible writers.

She was born, she performed, and she died.

The biography of all great musicians can be summed up in a sentence.

Beauty with Necessity.

Anyone who holds that artists need freedom to achieve greatness is in apparent ignorance of why Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.

Wise? Great!

Madness stalks the great. Misery haunts the wise.