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Let’s just say labor is cyclical.

There is no need to make some never-ending story of it.

Love for the world.

A person who only loves people has a restricted sense of passion.

Marx and Arendt.

Labor is our species-being. Action is our more-than-species being.

Solutions in a different register.

Jazz is the only music which has solved the “political” problem of collective action and self-disclosure.

Hannah Arendt.

Responsibility is a function of breaking and binding.

Sci-fi is mainstream?

That’s not good. Only world alienated beings can truly relate to it.

The body politic.

Hannah Arendt is my left hand and Carl Schmitt is my right. As an ambidextrous lefty, I write with my left hand and punch with my right.

What I’ve learned from anthropology.

The in-between is impure. Relationships arise in between entities. Hence no relationship is pure.

Desire is incapable of decision.

Hence the necessity of inventing the will.


A conscious pariah sees through a society made up of unconscious parvenus—but what is there for him to see on the other side?