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New forms of consumption give rise to new dissatisfactions.

Unhappy together.

To break the association between necessity and meaningfulness would be a great boon to our happiness.

Happiness is a far-from-spontaneous project.

What other process requires so much practiced forgetting and studied delusion?

Happiness, success, etc.

The best revenge is still very bad.

For Edwina Barvosa.

Call no one happy until they are many.

Do you believe we all want happiness?

See if you can accept the implication that impediments to happiness are “external.”

Certified idiot.

Those three letters that come after your name make you so happy that you just have to tell everyone about it.


The well-intentioned cow told me that I would be much happier if I would only graze a little more grass.

Flashing forward and back again.

She caught a glimpse of the future moment when she would remember this happiness as the past.

Unhappy accident.

That I still remember you is proof enough that memory and happiness are incompatible.