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The desire for fame is mostly harmless.

But then someone gets famous. Don’t let it be you.

You don’t seem to be harming anyone else.

So go ahead—do whatever makes you unhappy. 

Strategic blunders.

Telling people that destroying the earth will harm their species is like telling the suicidal that killing themselves will harm themselves.

Suppose that humanity is one.

If so, then humans are bent on self-harm, self-contempt, and self-doubt.

Difficulties with cognitive psychology.

Cognitive dissonance only explains the adoption of harmful habits upon the naïve supposition that we only want what we believe is good.

Homo economicus evolves.

A. Since one harms others for the purpose of perceived benefit, this is self-interest in the end. B. Perhaps this harm is self-interested—but only in the beginning.

Surely I want fame.

I want a lot of things that are bad for me.

First and final.

If you live by the maxim “first do no harm,” you will have done very little in the final analysis.