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We have many voices in our heads.

What makes a person crazy is listening too seriously.


Get out of your head; then get out of your mind.

Is there a God-shaped hole in the ontological order?

Perhaps. But there is just as likely a brain-shaped hole in your book-shaped head.

Head and shoulders.

It is quite difficult to stand on your own head; it is even more difficult to stand on your own shoulders.

They are my blindspot and I am theirs.

I can see with painful acuity what is on the back on their head. They could see the same on mine if they bothered to look.


Sometimes hitting yourself over the head is the only way to wake yourself up.


The head has a predilection for common nouns, just as the heart is partial to proper nouns.

Intellectual crush.

If you opened up my head, you’d see all the unmentionable things I want to do to your mind.


A big head rarely contains any big ideas.