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Truth is easy to remember.

But most of what is remembered is falsehood.

The judgment of history.

The only thing more telling about a nation-state than how it acts when “on top” is how it acts when on the decline.

This is also how history works.

Why are you making arguments on behalf of twentieth-century Russian revolutionaries? Let the dead rest.

What is not?

The blank pages of history shape humanity. The blank pages of your autobiography shape you.

Sun Shuyun, “The Long March.”

The book complicates history so as to maintain the heroism under complexified conditions.

After postmodernism.

History with a big H is back, whether we like it or not. Whether humanity with a little h is back is up to us.


The origin is history, the source is humanity.

Politics and history.

It’s not about old and young; it’s about old and new.

Official vs actual standards.

In progressive eras, actual standards are higher than official ones. In reactionary eras, official standards are higher than actual ones.

Historical research.

“History shows…” almost everything, not one thing. So does “research.”