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The origin is history, the source is humanity.

Politics and history.

It’s not about old and young; it’s about old and new.

Official vs actual standards.

In progressive eras, actual standards are higher than official ones. In reactionary eras, official standards are higher than actual ones.

Historical research.

“History shows…” almost everything, not one thing. So does “research.”

Wolff, “In Defense of Anarchism.”

History’s process may yet accomplish what is beyond Philosophy’s power—the complete destruction of authority.

Vico reversed.

We can understand least what we have made ourselves: history.

Herodotus > Thucydides.

History isn’t just war; it is everything.

How can I be “ashamed” of U.S. history?

I never assumed I should be “proud” of it in the first place.

It was once called History.

We call it “the racist history of [fill in the blank]” now. It will be called History again, but in a new way.


What makes history more than “one damn thing after another”? The same thing that makes your story more than “one damn thing after another.”