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An empirical difference.

A coffee shop full of isolated men on laptops is a suggestion that men more than women cannot stand being home alone.

Who cares how good my 中文 gets?

My true home is not language; it is rupture and alienation, reiteration and dislocation. 

Taiwanese and Taiwanese American.

Chen Kuan-Hsing is anxiously at home in Taiwan; I am anxiously not-home in the United States.

I don’t say “I’m home.”

What I say—and what I mean—is “I’m back.” 

Psychoanalytic anti-utopianism.

Home is no place, least of all within yourself. 

You can’t go home.

It is not at all ironic that Anna May Wong and Sessue Hayakawa departed for Europe in protest of Hollywood racism.

The cave is inhospitable.

But all who climbed their way out of the cave have learned that there is no place like home.

What is home?

Home is a four letter word.


Try as I might to imagine that I have a home, the first of every month I am reminded that I’m just renting.

Repetition with difference.

Looking up, I see the bright moon; looking down, I yearn for a home.