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A house divided.

A divided mind is an inhabitable mind.

Not a metaphor.

My house by the woods is the place where ladybugs sneak in to die.

The world is a burning house.

The inhabitant is terrified of the dark figure coming through the smoke until he realizes it is his reflection.

“You can’t use the master’s tool to tear down his house.”

The assumption—mistaken, I think—is that a tool cannot be re-tooled.

How so convincing?

“Cultural relativism” makes sense for anyone who enters a different world every time they step outside the house or come back to the neighborhood.

Your spouse is a moron.

But we all have to live with our mistakes—sometimes in the same house.

Shoes off.

I realize that the house of language will never be as tidy as I’d like it to be. But I’m not going to stop sweeping the floor just because I’m going to have to sweep it again.

No master of this house.

A skilled author feels like a master in the house of language. Once the doors are thrown open to visitors, though, that feeling is quickly dispelled.

Globalized irony.

A traditional son bought a big American house that could accommodate his parents as well as his wife and kids. His parents opted to move back to Taiwan and lived in a retirement community instead.