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Merely verbal differences.

One calls it “the development of human nature,” while another author calls it “the essence of the human condition.”

I’m not lonely.

I’m slightly agitated with our human condition of aloneness.

To infinity and beyond!

Two things would fundamentally alter the human condition of finitude: the “colonization” of outer space and the “curing” of inner life.

I’m not lonely.

I’m just slightly agitated with our human condition of aloneness.

Strength in superficiality.

Political theory does not derive from or even necessitate a theory of the human condition. A presupposition of public consequence will suffice.

The bare minimum.

The human condition of embodiment consists in sensations of pain and pleasure and feelings of pleasant and unpleasant.

Historians with no sense of history.

Presuppositions about “the human condition” or “human nature” waste so many words to prove that nothing much changes and that everyone is the same.

The human condition.

Annoyed with others, yet never alone.