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You want to remove ambiguities?

You call that “rigor.” I call it “taking good stuff out.”

Why did I write like that?

Lacking confidence in themselves, the contemporary humanities taught me to lack confidence in my thinking.

Out in the field.

The humanities are like martial arts, the sciences are like team sports.

Here’s an idea: study humans.

I don’t derive deep insights about monkeys from my study of humans. So how can I take studies of monkeys seriously when they pronounce upon “human nature”?

De- and re-naturalization.

A legacy of democratic revolutions: the humanities consider more and more social relations to be conventional. A legacy of scientific revolutions: the social sciences more and more search for natural causes for the same relationships.

My fellow humanists.

It is worrisome to yield the domain of natural and social facts to scientists; it is cowardice to proclaim this entire domain non-existent out of a fear of being proven inadequate.