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Most problems regarding “humanity” are unsolvable.

The philosophical approach is to pose such problems more profoundly. The political approach is to drive towards a solution in any case.

You think people are awful.

Just wait until you hear about capitalism and empire.

What has taken place?

Democratization: the people take the prince’s place. Secularization: humanity takes God’s place.

After postmodernism.

History with a big H is back, whether we like it or not. Whether humanity with a little h is back is up to us.

Demonstrate that you are for humanity.

Then we can discuss what kind of “leftist” you might be. Can we skip this question of “belief”?


The origin is history, the source is humanity.

Star Trek.

All that economic and technological development—all without any transformation of politics and humanity!

Human nature.

Nature for humans is cultivated by humans.

Do (all) revolutions transform humanity?

The human condition is largely consistent across the agrarian, industrial, and digital revolutions.

The Age of Automation.

These days most jobs exist because it’s more fun to boss humans than machines around.