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Star Trek finds humans disguised as aliens everywhere.

That is why the Federation travels without spacesuits; they’re really still on the Earth.

Let’s find our intelligence first.

Humans believe they are searching for other intelligent life-forms in this universe. What conceit!

Which humans have the most elevated speech?

I’m not sure. Which baboons have the most ferocious screech?

“Bo Jack Horseman.”

All animals are humans and all humans are white: I’d say it were a clever play on species and racial taxonomies, but that would be horseshit.

The flies flew in the door you left open.

They multiplied in the dirty dishes you left in the sink. You kill these “pests” who have “infested” your space. You would do better to encourage them to go outside and play.

Thoughts on Nella Larsen.

All of us passing for what we are not, we too shall one day come to pass as humans.

Projected onto pigs.

Humans are the animals who like to roll around in their own filth.

From instinct to desire.

The difference between the sexuality of humans and that of other species is that humans spend all their time talking about it.


The beauty of the spider web is that it cannot catch the spider. The ugliness of the web humans weave is that we are always caught in them.

The post-racialism of “Babylon 5.”

 1. Humans are Americans. 2. Anglicizing dubiously loyal Asians: John Matheson, telepath. 3. Color-blinding blackness: Dr. Stephen Franklin, bore. 4. “Battlestar Galactica” parallels to items two (Boomer) and three (Dee).