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Ideas are commonplaces.

They exist so that the Idea might emerge.

That’s not a new idea.

That’s a neologism. The new word sounds uglier than the old one.

No idea can be shoved down throats.

The ideological gag reflex makes sure of that.

What idea has changed the world?

I am impressed enough by an idea that illuminates some small region of it.

You love the idea of him, yes.

But we would never love if we did not see something “ideal” in, around, or about the beloved.

You love the idea of them.

Of course. Personhood itself is an idea.


The very idea of skillful means would seem to be a skillful means.

The work of dreams.

A few nights of sleep are needed before an insight can be expressed as an idea.

The idea is watered down.

It used to be exceptionally dirty; now it is just muddy.

You call that an idea?

I have bigger thoughts than that while sitting on the toilet. It would best to flush and forget.