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After the intellectual catastrophe.

You know, it is possible to discuss ideas without promoting “yours.”

Fixed ideas are eventually falsified.

Ideas are ever changing, even when minds are not. 

Ideas are arrows.

Take care not to shoot others or yourself.

Who is more delusional?

Scholars interested in ideas and truth see themselves as special. Scholars interested in prestige and power, though, believe all scholars are like them.

Sure, these ideas are timeless.

The point of writing about them, however, is to bring them back in time, where they belong.

Ideas are commonplaces.

They exist so that the Idea might emerge.

Get togethers.

The association of ideas is an idea associated with the association of individuals.

All your ideas are tedious.

Each one cries out “look how clever I am.”

Do I need true ideas?

Probably. But I’d settle for meaningful ideas.

Some ideas arise from vision.

But others arise from sounds. Yet others arise from touch.