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Everyone loves.

Everyone is a lover.

Everyone hates.

A hater habitually identifies with that feeling.

We are just talking.

X: Who is this “we”? Y: I’ll leave it to you to answer such unanswerable questions.

You mistake effect for cause.

“I just have more in common with white people.” It is common for identification to give rise to commonality.

Online entity with all my thoughts and feelings.

Whatever it might be, it sure as hell cannot be identified as “me.”

Identification of “the people.”

Everything the ancient Greek oligarch said against the demos, the modern American elite can say against the middle class.

Mirror images.

If I’m going to identify with an image, I might as well enjoy it.

It travels well.

“We” are the baggage carried away from our past.

My pleasure, my pain.

Self-destructive acts feed the self’s feelings of significance.

Identification and selfhood.

Our selves are always more and less than the identities we already more or less assume.