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A question for entering any room.

Does my identity need to be explained or can it be assumed?

Identity is a concept.

Narrative is a concept. Your identity is not a concept. Your narrative is your identity.

Online entity with all my thoughts and feelings.

Whatever it might be, it sure as hell cannot be identified as “me.”

Don’t read “the classics” in terms of identity.

If they spewed idiocies about race, nation, gender, and sexuality, who knows what else they could be wrong about?


Revenge is the best revenge.

Missing something.

The major casualty of the post-structural turn is not identity, but enmity.

Four basic thoughts of the self.

(1) I am. (2) This is who I am. (3) This is how I compare with others. (4) This is why I am.

How could that be who I am?

That’s not even the kind of person I am.

Identification and selfhood.

Our selves are always more and less than the identities we already more or less assume.

I am American and Asian.

However, I do not bother claiming either identity until someone denies that I am one.