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The political and the social.

Take political ideology out of social reality only if you are ready to watch it dissolve.

Rejecting ideology is good.

The problem is the ones who say they do merely default to the dominant ideology. 

Relieved of a burden.

An ideologist is lucky enough to have an ideology that decides what to show and what to hide. 

How powerful is conservatism now?

Well, even widely recognized wrongs are understood to be inevitable.

No idea can be shoved down throats.

The ideological gag reflex makes sure of that.

Academic kool-aid.

Minds can’t digest the stuff, much less live off of it.

So what if Disney movies are sexual.

The actual obscenity is that they teach children to romanticize aristocrats.

Another ideological conflation.

Ideology: “Free-trade.” Translation: “Economic necessity.”

Ideological conflation.

Ideology: “Fair-trade.” Translation: “Temporary truce.”

Groups exist.

The real question is if “individuals” exist in any non-metaphysical, non-ideological sense.