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Amateurism in scholarship ranges far wider than our expertise, yet not as far as our ignorance.

There are archipelagos of acceptance and rejection.

Then there are whole continents of ignorance, entire continents of indifference.

I’m seeing a pattern.

The source of knowledge is ignorance. The source of certainty is doubt. The source of intelligence is stupidity.

Plato’s “Republic.”

Imagine how much better the book would be if Socrates just admitted, “I don’t know what justice is?”

They say, “Don’t read too much into it.”

They mean, “Just a little willful illiteracy would help me out of this mess.”

Mental suffering.

It is bad to suffer from an ignorance that one does not know; it is even worse to suffer from a knowledge that one does not understand.

You speak ignorantly.

So I am not offended—I came here to teach.

Rich man, you’re a baby.

The fools say wealth is a sign of wickedness out of envy. The wise say wealth is a sign of ignorance out of hope.

What would I know?

X: This is all conjecture. I know that I know nothing. Y: What confidence! I don’t pretend to know what I don’t know.  

Pain and suffering.

There might be pain, but there is no suffering without ignorance.