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Reality bites.

The unimaginable is the most unimaginative.


The mainstream has no imagination, least of all concerning the vastness of the oceans.

Shitting on liberalism all day is not critique.

Doing so only demonstrates your lack of imagination regarding what will come next.

Liu, Supernova Era.

Wildly imaginative about everything except nationalism.

Imagination has never been enough.

The only way “beyond” capitalism, racism, and patriarchy is through strategy, experiment, and planning.

What event is imaginable?

Disaster. What event is unimaginable?


Imagining the vastness of the universe either intensifies the world’s suffering or intimates the self’s impermanence.

I am dressed to the nines.

But the appearance of a perfect ten is only sustainable in total privacy.  

The challenge of ethics.

It is to imagine how we can take responsibility for collective actions over which we have no ultimate control.

Adjacent faculties.

It would be beyond the pale of imagination for imagination to break free from perception.