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Thinking without the trace of writing.

How could thinking come to an end?

So long as there is life, there will be thought.

How could it be a single authored work?

I have never written anything by myself. You haven’t either.

Speak for yourself?

There you again—demanding the impossible!

What is a promise?

The vow to the impossible is the only possible vow.

Demand the impossible.

Just make sure to do the possible while you’re at it.

Impossible aspirations.

Good thing I am not trying to be myself anymore.

I contain multitudes.

The aspiration to be one-self is driven by incoherence and measured by impossibility.

Why only demand to be loved?

There are so many other impossibilities to consider.

Promises, promises…

Commodified societies are rife with advertisements promising that impossible things are available “for free!”