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There are archipelagos of acceptance and rejection.

Then there are whole continents of ignorance, entire continents of indifference.

Do I hate “the white man”?

My feeling is more like indifference. Hence the white man’s rage toward me.

Things indifferent, intimate, and repressed.

There are many different ways of not talking about something.

Mental freedom.

The trick is learning not to care without animus.

Cat videos are silly.

Yet cats are relatively indifferent to cameras. The same cannot be said of humans.

Humility according to Wollstonecraft.

If I don’t pay any mind to being underestimated, I can’t see why I’d pay any attention to being overvalued.

An intellectual deserves real flaws.

Let them be worthy of the errors committed by uncommon minds; let them be indifferent to the petty failings of the everymind.

A small town in a big world.

“Merry Christmas to you… I mean Happy Holidays,” the cashier said. “It makes no difference to me,” I replied. “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to us both.”

Others are farther apart than Opposites.

For example, love is much closer to hate than it is to indifference.

“I don’t mind…”

I saw the best of my generation destroyed by mindlessness.