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The Individual is a fetter.

Too much “anarchism” is just the radicalization of bourgeois individuality.

Is society an abstraction?

Or is the individual a false abstraction away from society? 

Collectives have wills.

Like individual wills, the genuine ones are divided against themselves.

“Individual” comes from “indivisible.”

Hence “the individual” is irreducible to the notion of “one human body.”

No human is an island.

But every community is an island.


The ancients understood an individual without a community to be like a hand without a body. How creepy the modern individual would appear to them!

Relational thinking.

The individual goes with the universal. The particular goes with the general.

A collectivity is more than the sum of its members.

A tremendous pessimist when it comes to individual agency can be a tremendous optimist when it comes to collective action.


The individual, like the species, becomes interesting at the moment its cruelty turns inwards.

The atomized individual.

We now know that the atom can be split and with what results.