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Who are “the people”?

The masses are mediocre; the multitudes are great.

“Divorcing” one’s family.

The tendency of liberal individualism, which makes all association optional, is a tendentious “opting out.”

I am not an individualist.

I take my uniqueness too seriously for that.

Individualistic liberty.

It is the liberty to do what I want in my way, for my reasons, under circumstances of my choosing. Notice I did not say “with whomever I want.”

Groups exist.

The real question is if “individuals” exist in any non-metaphysical, non-ideological sense.

Take, for example, onanism.

Primary among the individualist illusions is that one can do anything by oneself.

Who wants to be an equal?

Anyone who demands to be treated as an individual regardless of race is hankering after a white privilege that whites never really wanted.


The greatest affronts to “individualism” or “individuality” are launched from the sociological front.