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Certification versus consciousness.

Fancy degrees, even fancier words, and yet fancier math, cannot make up for an elementary lack of insight.


Sight is seen once the “I” is seen.

The work of dreams.

A few nights of sleep are needed before an insight can be expressed as an idea.

Either you have it or you don’t.

Complicated words cannot cover over an elementary lack of insight.

On proof.

Reasoning through rather than reporting an insight can weaken it.

Insight into experience.

Uncommon thoughts about common experiences are the least common of all.

Knowledge gratifies, insight delights.

The one comes at daybreak, the other at night.

The conspiracy theorist.

Insightful to the extent he identifies the human agents disguised as abstract historical forces, he is delusional to the extent he identifies their actions as subject to planning, calculation, prediction, and control.