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Intellectual life is no danger of being commodified.

The conceptual form is irreconcilable with the commodity form. It is in danger of being eliminated.


I would be slightly less interested about winning idiotic awards and slightly more interested in not being a complete idiot.

A strong suspicion.

This professor-turned-bureaucrat has never experienced intellectual pleasure.

Explanation or confession?

Watch out for the “intellectual” who speaks as if only status and money motivates people; what they are telling you is their own base motivations.

You have plenty of “intellectual horsepower.”

But all you ever figured out how to do with it is drive it into dead ends and drive it off cliffs.

I write about rather than do politics.

I am convinced it is better to be a pseudo-intellectual than a pseudo-revolutionary.

Academic kool-aid.

Minds can’t digest the stuff, much less live off of it.

An outsider with basic security.

A basic condition of intellectual life is a disaster for political life.

Using without citing.

What a wonderful, simple lesson: there is no such thing as a private intellectual.

Intellectual promiscuity.

I used to say “I’ll read anyone once…” Now I add “… after taking the proper precautions.”