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An intellectual deserves real flaws.

Let them be worthy of the errors committed by uncommon minds; let them be indifferent to the petty failings of the everymind.

No wonder he appears quite mad.

Slavoj Zizek is a general intellectual in an age of specialists, technocrats, and populists.

This is not a war.

There is no such thing as an intellectual enemy.

“Kiss” vs. “Just Dance.”

Prince breaks an aesthetic deadlock with an intellectual mediation (bridge: “I think I want to dance”); Lady Gaga breaks an intellectual deadlock with an aesthetic intervention (chorus: “Just dance, it’ll be okay, da da do do mm).

It looks a lot like class snobbery.

An intellectual snob is someone who has never had an intelligent conversation with someone without the right pedigree.


An intellectual is someone who enjoys arguing all day with friends more than anything else.

Looks like the rule to me.

This intellectual claims an exception from equality for themselves on intellectual grounds.

What does an “intellectual” want?

I have not sacrificed happiness in the pursuit of knowledge. What I will admit to sacrificing are the pleasures of sociability.

Quack quack.

The polemical intellectual looks and walks like a duck, but talks and writes like a tiger.

“Drink up baby, look at the stars.”

Caffeine is the performance enhancing drug of choice for the sober intellectual.