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What can you do there?

The Internet is alright for the production of knowledge; it is even better for the proliferation of opinion.

Your posts gets thousands of views.

I would be satisfied if a few minds could see this post.

I am writing to you.

I apologize, though, for the digital sensory deprivation.

You are checking up on me.

I appreciate your situation. You are too unoriginal to entertain yourself.

A working definition.

I forgot who my friends were—I’d better check my social media.

Where did I learn to write?

The same place you learned—the internet.

What are you afraid of?

The young approach one another with the same trepidation with which the old approach the internet.

The internet laughs for us.

“Lol” sounds sweetest in cyberspace.

Yeah, your site has “stalkers.”

But there is no voyeurism without exhibitionism.

I visit when I know the site is tracking.

This practice is phatic communication at its finest—what we are saying is “I’m here in your cyberspace.”