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For J.G.A. Pocock.

In the art of interpretation, putting in is the same as bringing out.

Misunderstanding inheres in dialogue.

This process, in certain circles, is called “interpretation.”

Unhappy together.

To break the association between necessity and meaningfulness would be a great boon to our happiness.

Political Theory.

Your study of politics is a study of books because your biggest political problem is what book to read next.

Living is also dying.

The meaning of one’s death is also in one’s dying.

Read against the grain.

Have no fear if the surface starts to splinter.

Interpretive arts.

A quite meaningless statement can still be meaningfully interpreted.

You read me as a confessor.

You read what you are reading for.

A way out?

A: Frantz Fanon is wonderful. I’m simply repudiating Jean-Paul Sartre, who misunderstood Fanon completely. B: Yeah, but what if Sartre was not illiterate—where would your sympathies lie?

Reading skills.

It is often easier to read between the lines than it is to read between the parentheses.