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Irate irony.

I would say, “You should have bought me while I was still for sale.” Except it is more accurate to say, “You could have bought me while I was still for sale.”

Competition breeds irony.

A measure of doubleness is perhaps a necessity in a world where rejections come far more frequently than acceptances.

Do you dislike idiocy?

Do not miss out on so much of what life has to offer.

Ironic times.

No, irony is not the mark of your sophistication. It is the mark of your self-reflexive conformism.

Seize the moment!

Never wait to procrastinate on a task you could be procrastinating on right now. You might never get around to putting it off later.

Irony as investment.

A: I don’t take this holiday seriously. It is an excuse to eat and drink and see family and friends. B: Then why don’t you stop making excuses?

For Rorty.

We need irony in public life because authorities are no longer serious. We need seriousness in private life because no ironist believes their love is a language game.

Where do they belong?

You can tell a lot about a writer’s position from the location of their “ironic quotes.”

Asian, American, ironist.

Assuming an attitude of aloofness, he preserved some small measure of self-respect—but a small one, at that.

The intimacy of fear.

My ironic detachment is the only thing that could draw you in or keep you out.