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Three temptations of ethical life.

Credit claiming, other shaming, comfortable isolation.

Images of isolation.

One sits alone in a room lit only by a screen. What difference if the screen is connected to the internet?

Isolation breeds nihilism.

Things cannot be too meaningful to one cut off from the source of meaning.

“Are you all in my head?”

The better question is how far must sociality break down before the existence of others can become a serious question.

The insane society.

Just count the number of isolated people who cannot stand their own company.

The best thing is sliced bread.

It takes no time to prepare and two units will do just fine. It is the perfect food for alienated living and isolated eating.

Total isolation.

The prototypical “Twilight Zone” episode contains a protagonist whose sense of reality is not common.

Not that long for a human.

After a mere six weeks, the monkeys isolated in Harry Harlow’s experimental Pit of Despair went “psychotic.”