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Sound versus sense.

Putting on a Coltrane record doesn’t make you a jazz aficionado any more than reading aloud from a Kierkegaard book makes you philosophically minded.

You don’t hate “smooth jazz.”

You hate all jazz. But you’re too big of a philistine to admit it.

Clave is the rhythm of the heart.

Its beat is syncopated, yet smooth.

Marcus Roberts, “Deep in the Shed.”

Artful spontaneity is preceded by concerted effort.

Classic sublimation.

Keith Jarrett groans over, thrusts into, and pounds on the piano. I bet he’s really boring in bed.

Wynton Marsalis.

He does the thankless work of preservation and transmission. I just wish he sounded less like a museum.

Vijay Iyer, “Human Nature.”

Please spend more time covering tunes that people know—not writing those tunes with titles for Ph.D. dissertations.

A question for Thelonious Monk.

How much formal practice did it take to sound like you weren’t formally practicing?

Thelonious Monk is inimitable.

It is painful to listen to an imitator turn a one of kind musician into one of another kind.

Brad Melhdau is good, not great.

He is like that hipster who studied a lot at music school.