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I defer to your own judgment.

If that research feels pointless during this crisis, that’s your body’s way of saying it was pointless all along.

The judgment of history.

The only thing more telling about a nation-state than how it acts when “on top” is how it acts when on the decline.

You’re a bad leftist?

It’s okay; we’re all terrible at it.

A recurrent nightmare.

“Woke” Barbie and Ken were judging the worth of my “difference.”

How can I be “ashamed” of U.S. history?

I never assumed I should be “proud” of it in the first place.

How can you raise “self-regard”?

Try lowering your esteem of others’ judgment of yourself.

Yes, expertise exist.

Yet an expert usually makes worse judgments than ordinary idiots when it comes to anything outside their field.

Judgment without apology.

X: I generally don’t like Starbucks, etc., but I really like this Starbucks, etc. Y: There’s no reason to be apologetic about possessing the faculty of judgment.

Too close to call.

Who is the worse judge—the snob or the mob?

They aren’t bad, just ignorant?

You must mean they aren’t evil, just ignorant. Ignorance might be bliss, but it is also bad.