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Plato’s “Republic.”

Imagine how much better the book would be if Socrates just admitted, “I don’t know what justice is?”

Would sight be better?

Love is blinded by passionate attachment, while justice is blinded by dispassionate distance.

2011 “riots” in London.

Peace without justice is a hidden state of war.

“I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot no deputy.”

The enforcer of natural justice against the officer is brought before the law for a “crime” other than the one committed: a profound misrecognition effects the mistranslation of “natural” into legal justice.  


If justice is a great crime, fairness is a petty misdemeanor. 

Pol Pot probably loved his grandmother.

Judgments about justice must disregard sentimental feelings.

Hell is other-hatred.

Uncertain about the justice of things, he sought revenge in this lifetime. But his hatred created the very Hell he thought could not be counted on.


There are no just wars, but there are justified wars.

One nationalism is as bad as another.

Instead of asking “What have we done here?” before asking whether “we” acted justly, nationalism of any stripe asks “Who are we?” before justifying what “we” did as right.

Aesthetics of politics.

Not all poetry is just, although all justice is poetic.