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Our age demands the justification of non-work.

Yet this demand works against the possibility of justification.

There’s so much to life.

Yet the powerful pretend that life is all brutal struggle to justify their efforts at domination in advance.

The system of justifying the system.

Affirmative action enrages privileged groups because they are anxious their own status will be exposed as “unearned.”

Your own doubts.

What bothers you about arrogance is your suspicion that it is justified.

Flipped out.

Everything happens for a reason. A reason happens for everything.

What comes first?

The assertion that one is not for sale typically follows the inability to sell oneself successfully.


There are no just wars, but there are justified wars.


To say that association is necessarily discriminatory is not necessarily to justify discrimination. I reserve the right to discriminate among the varieties of discrimination.

Lesser evil, greater good.

The choice of “lesser evil” justifications of the existing state of affairs is guided by a skepticism of claims about the “greater good.”

This is how it is.

We cannot say “that’s just how it is” without justifying an actual state of affairs.