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In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

Talking heads who started talking about US black/white politics six weeks ago are remarkably obnoxious and opinionated about it.

How could you create new knowledge?

You don’t know the old knowledge that would make it meaningful.

Rights and duties.

We have the right to an education in dominant knowledge, but we have the duty to learn subordinate knowledges.

My arguments are backed by reasons.

Most of those reasons, though, are people I know.

Decolonize the curriculum?

How about decolonizing your dick first.

The paradox of transcendence.

The transcendent is beyond our knowledge, but not above our experience.

You know where I stand.

The social sciences must decide whether the human sciences or the natural sciences is their model of knowledge production.

Can “society” be known objectively?

That depends: is society mind-independent? And that depends: how mindless is it?

Two systems: knowledge and belief.

We know so many things that we do not believe and believe so many things that we do not know.

I’m seeing a pattern.

The source of knowledge is ignorance. The source of certainty is doubt. The source of intelligence is stupidity.