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What Boots Riley said.

The ability to withhold labor is even more power than the ability to labor. 

Labor theory.

Alienation is a condition of exploitation. Exploitation is an aim of alienation.

I am resolved to drag my feet.

The more bullshit work we do, the more bullshit work we receive.

Hiring priorities.

Whom will the managers manage? 

The active life.

Say self-care when you mean self-care; say leisure when you mean leisure; define both independently from work and labor.

Riley, “Sorry to Bother You.”

Why animalize humans rather than automate labor? The pleasure of domination and violence depends on a relation between living beings.

“The Quality of Life,” “Descent.”

If Star Trek’s Federation really has eliminated private property, why such fear over the rebellion of its artificial workers?

Human capital, social capital, physical capital.

With all this capital around, how could anything as fantastical as a “worker” exist?

Class difference.

Working hard is easier than hard work.

About Che.

A minister of labor who doesn’t do hard work himself is not a minister. He’s a manager, and a useless one at that.