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The language of the oppressor is not always the language of oppression.

Language is spirit.

That’s why you need to learn many languages.

What am I doing?

The writer overemphasizes how far language is reality in a desperate search for a reality they can control.

Who cares how good my 中文 gets?

My true home is not language; it is rupture and alienation, reiteration and dislocation. 

Languages are the only ethical grounds.

No wonder that we are constantly muddling and mucking our ethical way.

That’s not a new idea.

That’s a neologism. The new word sounds uglier than the old one.


I have four languages besides English, all of which are broken.

Not my word.

I am not working toward Revolution. I’m not waiting on it, either.

Are there unmixed metaphors?

Your complaint about mixed metaphors really amounts to your preference of “purity.”

A return to the origin.

A literal usage of language, if it is to take on life of its own, must find a metaphorical expression.