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He spoke three languages well.

His thoughts were ill considered and narrow minded in all three.

Walter Benjamin on Paul Klee?

Commonplace. It is common sense for a billion Chinese that the past is before us and the future is behind us.

Where does it stop?

A stream of speech spills out of a language in love with a world.

Words cannot take you all the way.

But you’ll never get there without the right ones.

The language of dreams.

The dreamer is like the naïf who appreciates the sound of a language they cannot understand.

Every thing is different.

Here names—even proper names and especially synonyms—perform an elementary violation.

Your words relate to my words.

As for our experiences, the best words are “distinctive” and “incommensurable.”

So, my wit isn’t coming across.

That’s fine—I hear humor hardly translates across languages. Luckily for us, good looks and intelligence do.

There are no private words or languages.

To use the term “property” properly is to describe things whose claiming by a private entity does not constitute theft.

The meanings of “literal.”

Literal truth is, to be quite literal, truly a contradiction in terms.