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Institutional inducements.

Both sexually repression and sexual obsession are by-products of the bourgeois family and its “law.”

Democracy these days.

We have difficultly seeing that “illegality” is made, not given; after all, we have so little hand in “making” the law.

Laws cannot rule.

The rule of law at most means that the law is the set of rules which authorize and limit those who rule.

Legal inconsistency.

It’s legal to eat animals, but illegal to have sex with them? At least in the latter case, there is the slight possibility the animal will have a good time.

Nolan, “The Dark Knight.”

What kind of law-abiding people must be deceived to sustain the law?

Save me!

The Christological significance of Superheroes has only superficially to do with crucifixion imagery. The real resemblance is that Superheroes save the world not by following the Law, but by fulfilling it.