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Learning process.

Actually existing socialisms are not unmitigated failures. They are, however, even farther from unmitigated successes.

Language is spirit.

That’s why you need to learn many languages.


The pace of my learning has slowed; the breadth of my learning has increased.

You learn something every time you read this book.

Or maybe you just have an especially poor memory.

I will never become my enemy.

Yet we can learn from our enemy. We can even learn to become more like them.

Why we don’t get along.

I am interested in becoming less stupid, that is, learning. You are interested in prestige, that is, stupefying.

I am learning again.

No wonder I feel sure of myself.

How we grow.

We learn too late what we should have known better.

He enjoys complaining to others.

I would enjoy learning what pleasures he secretly reserves.


To succeed at failing—that is the challenge.