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You claim to be a “cynic,” but you are a huge conformist.

The contradiction is merely apparent: you are “cynical” only against critical, radical, and left currents.

The center says the left and the right are the same.

They are right in one respect: the left and right are political, while the center is not.

I have seen the enemy.

I’m pretty sure his name isn’t Derrida or Foucault.

Left polarities.

The first pole is aesthetic: the drive to create. The second pole is political: the drive to emancipate.


Can the politically incapacitated be held culpable for their condition?

The university absorbed the left.

Today’s university feels no need to “buy off” radical intellectuals, who in professing the discourse of the university have no purchase whatsoever.

A left diagnostic.

From the right, we can learn how to fight like you mean it. Could this lesson even teach us how to bring life back to the party?

Left, right, and center.

When moderation is taken to the extreme, extreme conservatism and extreme radicalism become the truly moderate positions.

Left, right, no center.

A theory which accounts for both left and right wing politics is not centrist. It is either a leftist or rightist interpretation of the struggle between left and right.

What’s left of the Left.

The Left in the Era of Revolutions risked comfort and security for the Cause. Today’s “post-leftist” acts out a secure righteousness and withdraws into a comforting irony.