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Liberalism these days is neoliberalism.

We are past the point where it is irresponsible to make a value commitment to liberalism.

Liberalism is dead.

Yet we are looking only to reactions to liberalism as alternatives. Our political experiences have far outstripped our political thinking.

Shitting on liberalism all day is not critique.

Doing so only demonstrates your lack of imagination regarding what will come next.

Star Trek.

All that economic and technological development—all without any transformation of politics and humanity!

“Divorcing” one’s family.

The tendency of liberal individualism, which makes all association optional, is a tendentious “opting out.”

Another casualty.

Liberalism killed the liberal arts.

Two kinds of individuality.

The first takes pleasure in commonality, the second takes refuge in it.

Groups exist.

The real question is if “individuals” exist in any non-metaphysical, non-ideological sense.

A way out?

A: Frantz Fanon is wonderful. I’m simply repudiating Jean-Paul Sartre, who misunderstood Fanon completely. B: Yeah, but what if Sartre was not illiterate—where would your sympathies lie?

A tyrannical faculty.

A reasonable person is irritated, if not infuriated when another person refuses to be a reasonable.