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Liberal commitments.

Ideas of loyal oppositions and agonistic respect presuppose a shared constitutional and cultural framework. They make no sense outside of it, and keep us inside of it.


That state was never liberal democratic; it was democratic liberal all along. Similarly, that movement was never authoritarian neoliberal; it was neoliberal authoritarian all along.

Neoliberalism, liberalism, capitalism,

Neoliberalism erases the thin line between liberalism and capitalism. “Neoliberal capitalism,” then, is redundant in a way that “liberal capitalism” was not.

One side > the other.

Neoliberalism is economic liberalism without the moral trappings.

Socialism at points contradicts democracy.

But not nearly as much as liberalism does.

1. Theism 2. Free will 3. Free speech.

Three debates I understand, but lack the requisite cultural inheritance to care about.

Liberalism is not democracy.

This is the kernel of truth expressed, yet distorted in the centrist’s false equivalence of left and right “populisms.”

Liberal democracy is democratic liberalism.

What we are witnessing in the US and elsewhere is the de-linking of and contradiction between liberalism and democracy.

Intellectual history.

The background of normalcy that made liberal thought compelling is long gone.


A short chapter in the history of political theory.