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Can you bare your soul to the public?

Well, you can flood your body with light in search of your shadow.

Howsoever dim that light may be.

The internet shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the primary pleasure of social life is simply to appear in the light of the public.

Some time has passed since the Sun set.

The illumination of events dispels the impression that “everything is the same” more convincingly than the light of reason in dark times.

Public address on privacy.

The words I write for you alone will never see the light of the world.

Against the stream.

My shadow is that part of myself which subsists because I can’t help but get in the way of the light.

Light and shadow.

One casts multiple and multiform shadows when illuminated by several and distinct sources of light.

Anything of substance will cast shadows.

 However, there are no shadows without light.

Path dependence.

Who knows where I’d be now had I veered an inch or two. But it’s the dark path I did tread that will light my way.