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I don’t like overexplaining.

In fact, I don’t even like explaining.

Liking loneliness.

Disliking this liking.

This is the case.

X: Whether we like it or not… Y: You like that phrase; I do not.


We hear much about the monastic and lay communities, but much less about the solitary practioners. All is well—this is how the pratyekabuddhas like it.

Choice of company.

She avoided contact with her old friends not because she didn’t like them anymore, but because she didn’t like herself back then.

It goes both ways.

Can I blame this European for liking Asian cultures more than Asian peoples? I know plenty of Asians who like European cultures far better than European peoples.

I like it.

All this talk about finding a partner who likes you more than you like them is right: only “like” can tolerate such asymmetry.