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Politics is simple.

Complexity is for scientists, intellectuals, and literary scholars.



Timeless, time-bound.

The political genres are allegory and myth, historical and science fiction.

Beyond disciplines.

Literature is too important to leave to literary studies. Politics is too important to leave to political science.

An aphorism is a monad.

If I were into dialogue, I wouldn’t be into aphorism.

Butler, “Parable of the Sower.”

Change is ever changing.

Morris, “News from Nowhere.”

Chapter 13 says it all: Utopia has no place for politics.

Why do we call it “non-fiction”?

Because “fiction” is the default.


The moralist who discovers their own hypocrisy is like the detective who finds out they are the criminal.

No, your favorite writers are not in agreement.

It is rather that you want everyone to be friends and read accordingly.